Agencies Big and Small Use Indio Every Day.

2019 Insurance Trends and
Their Impact on Independent Agents

What This Webinar Will Cover:

In this webinar for IIAN members only, Indio Technologies, a software for streamlining your agency's application and renewal process, presents 2019 trends in the insurance industry and how these trends are impacting independent agents. The following will be covered during this webinar:

What Indio Customers Have To Say.

Quick and Easy Online ApplicationsProvide your clients a familiar, digitally enhanced experience for completing their insurance applications online. 

Less Work For Your Clients: Indio's proprietary 'smart forms' automap the answers to duplicate questions across all applications, decreasing the amount of work and time it takes your clients to complete forms.

Reduced E&O Exposure: All client changes made to applications are tracked and logged in a historical record, reducing your agency's liability.

Retain and Attract New Business: Happier clients results in higher retention rates and an increase in new business.

Agencies Big and Small Use Indio Every Day.

What Our Customers Have To Say.


On-Demand Webinar

2019 trends across the insurance industry

How independent agents can stay competitive and meet insured's expectations

What insureds want from agents in 2019

What this means for independent agents

On-Demand Webinar

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"We were very excited to use Indio and have it be a digital experience for our client. We’re using it for all of our commercial clients. We’ve received lots of feedback…‘Hey, this is really good, this is so much more efficient.’"

Amy Wilson
Marketing Associate Manager