Your AMS is your system of record.
Indio is your system of engagement.


Indio compliments your Agency Management Software to improve customer
experience and streamline your application and renewal process.


Improve Customer Relationships

Smart forms eliminate duplicate data entry and take less time to complete than traditional forms. 

Indio lets clients leave notes if they find something confusing and sign documents electronically to avoid printing and sending manually. 

Shorten Renewal Processing Time

Start your renewal process with one click. Applications and forms will auto-populate customer data from the year prior across 7,500+ forms.

Coupled with Indio's other features, many Indio customers have cut their renewal processing time in-half.


Reduce Your Risk

Any changes made to insurance forms and exposure data are logged and timestamped in a historical record, reducing your agent's liability.

Indio's auto-mapping minimizes data entry and lowers the likelihood of human error — for both your clients and your agency staff.

Keep Track of Clients

Intelligent activity tracking lets you know when clients sign in, fill out information, sign forms, and submit data.


The list of leading U.S. insurance agencies and brokerages
using Indio's platform is growing every day


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