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Exceed client expectations, drive efficiency and free your teams to focus on solving clients' key risk issues.

Exceptional software to engage your clients
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Over 3500 insurer-ready online application forms automatically map data across multiple policy applications, so clients never have to answer the same question twice.
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Upload existing schedule lists from Excel (like renewal workbooks) and Indio will instantly turn them into interactive online workbooks.
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Indio's Intelligent Activity Tracking alerts you when clients sign in, complete information, sign forms, and submit data.
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Built for Agents of the Future

Bank-grade Security

All customer data is protected using AES-256 encryption behind SSL with regular security audits. View our full security report here.

Cloud Based Platform

We’re built of Amazon’s AWS cloud to provide you with maximum reliability and scalability. Our always-on platform integrates with your AMS to ensure that data is always kept up to date.

Data Standardization

Our intake engine takes client data from uploaded spreadsheets, supplemental forms, or AMS exports, sanitizes the data and then stores it in a clean structured format where you and your clients can easily access it.


“Indio has helped bring our agency into the 21st century. Our clients frequently bring up how much they love the new digital applications and our producers/account execs can focus more on their expertise.“
Brent Rineck


“The team at Indio has been absolutely wonderful to work with! They've helped us streamline the application process across our agency and helped us win more business.“
Lynne Wallace
President & CEO, Vantreo


“We were very excited to be able to use Indio to have it be a digital experience for the client. We’re using it for all of our commercial clients. We’ve received lots of feedback… ‘Hey, this is really good, this is so much more efficient.'“
Amy Wilson
Marketing Associate Manager, Kapnick Insurance Group


“It definitely is an efficiency driver within the agency from the standpoint of us being able to get the information to the client or prospects and to get it back in such a fast way…I recently looked at a report that showed we get applications back in less than five minutes from people.“
Adrianne Peixotto
Partner and Director of Private Client Group at PropCo Insurance Services, an Acrisure Agency

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