Digitize the insurance application and renewal process

Stop sending your clients unruly PDF forms and spreadsheets during the insurance application and renewal process. Unify the data gathering process so your customers stop answering the same questions twice while ensuring data accuracy. Leveraging the industry’s largest library of more than 10,000 applications and insurance forms, Indio simplifies the insurance application process to make it faster, easier, and more collaborative, while minimizing errors and omissions and saving your agency and clients’ both time and money.

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What “Smart Form” Technology Can Do For Your Business

Indio’s proprietary “smart” form technology digitally enhances insurance forms and applications, making the application and renewal experience fast, simple, and easy.

How A “Smart Form’ Works:

  • Automapping

    With “smart” forms, answers to similar questions auto-map from one form to another, alleviating the need for you and your clients to rekey the same information repeatedly.

  • Customizable Forms

    The “smart” forms come with customizable technology, allowing you to hide or mark specific questions required within an application, making the experience personalized and simpler for your customers.

  • Conditional Questions

    “Smart” forms come with pre-built conditional questions, which means a question answered “Yes,” will have follow up questions appear, while a question answered “No”, will not have additional questions appear.

A Modern Technology Platform to Future-Proof Your Business

  • Bank-Grade Security

    All customer data is protected using AES-256 encryption behind SSL with regular security audits. View our full security report here.

  • Cloud-Based Platform

    We’re built of Amazon’s AWS cloud to provide you with maximum reliability and scalability. Our always-on platform integrates with your AMS to ensure that data is always kept up to date.

  • Data Standardization

    Our intake engine takes client data from uploaded spreadsheets, supplemental forms, or AMS exports, sanitizes the data and then stores it in a clean structured format where you and your clients can easily access it.

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