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Valuing Your Customer: Protecting What Matters Most

March 28, 2020

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Your customers are the focal point of your business’s mission and it’s what you live by every single day. So, it comes to no surprise that keeping your customers happy is critical to retaining them and remaining successful. When you lose track of your customers, they’ll lose track of you and find another solution provider to serve their needs. In fact, customer attrition caused by poor customer experience or lack of loyalty can equate to as much as $470 billion in Life and Property & Casualty premiums globally according to Accenture.

To retain customers and prevent turnover, you must ask yourself, “what can my team do to make our customers happy and how can we over-deliver with our products and services?” At Indio, our core mission has been to empower brokers with the tools and technology needed so that they can deliver their customers an unforgettable experience. It is essential that we remain focused on this mission and commitment to you so that you can make the same promise to your customers.

What kind of services are your customers looking for?

In today’s modern, digital world, companies such as Amazon have created a standard for what people expect from the companies they interact with. Today, people are looking for a simple, fast, and easy solutions and the same remains true for insurance. As an independent insurance agency, it’s important that you stay ahead of this trend and create an experience aligned with what your customers are experiencing in other parts of their daily lives.  

Here are 3 considerations to help you retain – and attract – customers:

  • Do you have a way for your customers to reach you and/or access their insurance documents, forms, and applications 24/7? In today’s world, people are used to having everything they need at a click of a button. Forcing customers to wait for an email reply or a returned phone call can be interpreted as them being a low priority. By providing a self-service solution, such as an online customer portal, you can provide your customers with an experience that lets them know they’re always top-of-mind. 
  • How easy is it for your customers to get a hold of you? Customers may prefer face-to-face meetings but they’re not necessary for every interaction and can at times be a hindrance to your customer’s day. Leveraging secure tools that allow for real-time communication, such as secure SMS, electronic payments, and e-signature capabilities are simple ways to provide your customers with an on-demand experience. 
  • Do you make it easy for customers to find simple answers on their own? Providing helpful information, insurance education, and even timely updates to your website will ensure that customers are coming to you as their trusted resource and not to a potential competitor. Keep your customers informed on the matters that impact their business and they’ll never have a reason to look elsewhere.  

In a rapidly evolving industry like insurance, it’s important now more than ever to stay up on new tools, technologies, and innovations that can ensure your customers are receiving the best experience possible. At Indio, we follow the same approach to ensure that independent agencies receive the best experience possible when leveraging. Together, we will reach our own goals and protect what matters most to us.

Indio logo.

Indio Technologies

Indio provides insurance application and renewal software to automate the submission process among agencies, brokerages, insurers and the insured. The application provides a fully digital client risk capture and application experience by automating the data population across each individual, unique insurer application. In simplifying and accelerating the submission and renewal process, Indio enables agencies, brokerages, and insurers to create greater efficiencies and value while providing their insureds a digital customer experience.