Episode 106 — The Digital Broker Podcast

The Power of a Podcast: Visibility, Authority, and Opportunity


On this episode of The Digital Broker, Ryan Deeds interviews Jason Cass about podcast production. By listening to this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jason Cass launched two successful podcasts while running his own insurance agency.
  • What a podcast can do for your agency despite being challenging to produce.
  • How Jason Cass refined a process that makes podcast production less challenging, and how he’s putting that process to work for other agents and brokers who want to produce their own podcasts.

For all of its apparent simplicity, producing a podcast is no easy task. Jason Cass would know. Though primarily concerned with running a three-location insurance agency in Illinois, Cass has launched not one, but two successful insurance podcasts: Agents Influence and Agency Intelligence. Both have netted Cass several listeners and plenty of opportunities—but none of it happened without plenty of struggle.

“Podcasting is a freakin’ grind, dude,” Cass admits to Ryan Deeds. “I enjoy it more than almost anything else I do, but to keep doing it, to be consistent, is challenging.”

We have a pretty good idea of what he’s talking about. Booking a guest and pressing Record is almost the easy part; afterward, you’ve got to edit the recording, which includes adding an intro and an outro. Once your episode is ready, it’s time to share it: this means uploading it to various podcast platforms and posting it on your website and social media. And don’t forget to add some compelling graphics and copy to make your podcast stand out among the others.

With all that said, there are many benefits that an agency can gain from running their own podcast. As with any content marketing, there is an increase in visibility. Podcasts attract attention and can drive more visitors your way. They can even help with SEO: a podcast episode can be the basis of a transcript or a recap like the one you’re reading now. Furthermore, as the number of podcasts has exploded, search engines have had to figure out ways to track and promote them based on relevancy to the listener. 

In addition to increasing visibility, a finely produced podcast can help your agency command more authority. Think of the kind of trust you would like your prospects and customers to have in your agency. What would be the best way to show them that your team knows what it’s talking about? How about allowing them to listen in on a conversation between members of your team talking about what they know, what they do, and how they’ve helped other customers before? A podcast is an excellent medium for that kind of conversation.

From there, it’s only a short walk to all the opportunities generated by podcasts. Every episode can be the basis of a follow-up conversation with a prospect, a customer, a listener, or another guest. In the course of talking to your customers, you could link them to a podcast episode that speaks to their particular needs. People who appear on your podcast usually have an interest in promoting it, thus growing your reach and influence across new audiences. As your audience grows, people come to you asking to be guests on your show. All of this can bring a torrent of opportunities your way.

It’s no wonder that both Ryan and Cass credit podcasting with changing their lives. “I say it to my friends all the time,” Cass concludes. “I’ve written a book; I’ve created courses; I’ve done so much because of podcasting. Every time I look back, the connections are there. Podcasting has dramatically changed my life. And now, I want it to dramatically change other agents’ lives.”

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