Agency Roundtable: How Your Peers Are Adapting Their Businesses for a New Future

History has shown that businesses that stay resilient and adapt to change quickly come out stronger and more competitive than ever before. According to McKinsey, after the “2008 Great Recession,” earnings at resilient companies rose 10%, whereas earnings at non-resilient companies decreased almost 15%.

In effort to build resiliency into their businesses and meet new client demands, agents have been forced to re-evaluate standard day-to-day procedures to adapt to the current situation and build a path for a new future. Becoming a digital agency is no longer an option but a necessity and part of being a resilient business.

Watch the on-demand webinar for a round-table discussion featuring agents who are taking the necessary steps to build their digital path forward and position their businesses for success in the new normal.

Watch now to learn how these agents are:

  • Moving their operations online
  • Adapting their customer experience to exceed clients’ needs
  • Still selling and finding growth opportunities in a time of uncertainty


  • Dmitriy Lazarev – President, All Spectrum Insurance Brokers
  • Ashley Moore – Personal and Small Commercial Lines, Scott Insurance
  • Matt McGrail – SVP, Meadowbrook Insurance Agency
  • Ken Wohl – Moderator, Indio Technologies

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