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A Veterans Day Tribute

November 11, 2021

Darryl Johnson By: Darryl Johnson

The following is a guest post by Darryl Johnson, Senior QE Testing Analyst at Applied. IVANS is a division of Applied Systems, Inc.

Applied and its Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council are proud to commemorate the service and sacrifices made by our military veterans throughout the month of November. Veterans Month at Applied is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the military members of all our nations, as well as the family members, friends and supporters who make their service possible.

What Is the Difference Between Veterans Day and Remembrance Day?

Veterans Day is observed in the United States as a tribute to ALL military veterans, including those currently serving in our armed forces. Remembrance Day is observed throughout the United Kingdom and Canada, and is very similar to Memorial Day in the United States, as they both honor those who have given their lives in our nations' conflicts. Both holidays are observed on November 11th and the Veterans of Applied Community will host several events and share content leading up to them, with the intent to educate one another and commemorate the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

How Applied Is Celebrating Veterans Month

The Veterans of Applied Community of Interest has planned a schedule of events and activities intended to deliver education on topics important to veterans and their supporters; provide opportunities for Applied teammates to share their experiences as veterans or family members and supporters of the service members in their lives; and spotlight several non-profit organizations working hard every day to improve the lives and opportunities for the veteran community.

Weekly themes will focus upon the challenges and triumphs of different groups within the military and veteran communities, and several speakers will be hosted to add their perspectives to the ongoing discussions. The intent behind these events and conversations is to welcome as many diverse perspectives as possible to be shared from across Team Applied as we work to learn more about one another and how we can build a stronger Team Applied community.

Who Are the Veterans of Applied?

Veterans of Applied is a Community of Interest within the broader Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council. We are a group of veterans, family members and supporters from across the Applied organization, including all nationalities and branches of service. Our driving objectives are to promote camaraderie and a supportive network within our community; increase awareness of veteran issues and opportunities at Applied; and provide meaningful outreach opportunities to organizations supporting veterans and their families.

Darryl Johnson

Darryl Johnson

Darryl Johnson, Senior QE Testing Analyst, has been with Applied for 22 years. Prior to Applied, he was an Electrician's Mate Third Class in the U.S. Navy from 1981-1983.