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Indio: A Win-Win for Agents and Insureds

September 9, 2021

Adam Bratt. By: Adam Bratt

The application and renewal process for commercial lines is time-consuming and frustrating for insureds and agents alike. TIG Advisors is one of the agencies that previously struggled with this process. Fed up with the manual, paper-heavy method, the agency sought out the latest and greatest tech to make the application and renewal process easier for their clients and their team.

TIG Advisors chose Indio, the industry-leading application and submissions management platform, to turn their insurance application process into a modern, digital experience. To learn more about their decision to implement Indio and how the platform is a win-win for both their agents and insureds, I sat down with their Senior Client Manager Marissa Spencer.

Marissa Spencer
Marissa Spencer
Senior Client Manager
TIG Advisors

Adam Bratt: Can you tell me about the day-to-day struggles you experienced prior to Indio?

Marissa Spencer: Previously we would partially fill out an application for the insured and either scan it back in or forward the application to the insured. They would then print it, fill it out, sign it, scan it back in, and email it back to us. It was a cumbersome process on both ends of the spectrum. What we were looking for was something to make this process more streamlined. Something you could handle on the go, rather than being at your home office. Those were the key points in our decision to use Indio for our new business and renewal processes.

Adam: How has Indio solved these challenges?

Marissa: Our insureds can log in from mobile devices to display the information needed to complete the insurance application process. This leads to quicker response times from our clients and allows us to go back to the marketplace with the information sooner. We’re able to secure quotes earlier and provide that information to the insured for their approval to move forward in the process. Indio provides a nice jumpstart to the application process.

Adam: Would you say Indio has freed up your resources so you can focus more time on growing your business and servicing customers?

Marissa: Yes, absolutely. We’re able to spend much more time generating proposals, analyzing loss history, working on MOD master projections and those types of things that our clients are really interested in seeing since we're not spending as much time dealing with information gathering.

Adam: We’ve launched a bunch of new features in the platform this year. Are there any that you find particularly helpful?

Marissa: I have to say the top feature for us has been the email integration with Microsoft 365. This allows our submissions to clients to look like they're coming from us rather than an email address that they don't trust. I feel like this feature helps immensely in that it lets clients recognize submissions as something important and trustworthy. Another new feature worth noting is Send to Market. This isn’t something we are currently using yet but hope to take advantage of in the future.

While we’re on this subject, I also want to point that Indio has great capabilities for templates and scheduled workbooks. So, if you have Excel documents that you're using with a number of different accounts and you want to have those available for the entire agency to access as a template, Indio has the capabilities to do that. This really helps make everything more E&O friendly and more branded to our agency. Indio has really done a nice job of making it possible to customize documents for the needs of our agency and then making those available to all users in a very simple way.

Adam: What advice would you give to other agencies who are contemplating adopting Indio?

Marissa: It's a great tool to implement for any insurance agency that is looking to grow with the times. Paper submissions to clients is something that's going to go by the wayside and this is the wave of the future. If an agency does not take this step, then I feel like they’ll honestly be falling behind.

Adam: Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with Indio or the customer support team?

Marissa: I feel like the Indio team is always listening for our feedback on ways to improve the platform and doing whatever they can to make that a reality as quickly as possible. We have quarterly meetings with our account manager at Indio and he's always really welcoming of any feedback that we have whether it's positive or constructive. For any constructive comments, he always gets back to us and lets us know the Indio team is working hard to resolve the issue or shares a workaround for that pain point. And then sometimes it's just user error so he comes back with instructions on how to do things differently on our end so that's been very helpful.

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Adam Bratt.

Adam Bratt

Adam Bratt, co-founder and CTO of Indio, a division of Applied Systems, is focused on creating an end-to-end experience for the insurance application process. Adam has been building fintech products for the last decade. Prior to Indio, his first company Advantage WebTools provided a full CRM for hundreds in the debt settlement industry. Later as VP of Product at Benzinga, he created Marketfy, the first marketplace where investors could automatically follow real traders in the market.